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A Day Without

Saturday 29 September 2018
a project by Angelo Ricciardi

Angelo Ricciardi presents the project A Day Without Saturday, September 29 at the Studio Tommaseo in Trieste, 6.30.
With the introduction of social networks, the amount of information saw an exponential increase, and being true or false, they give paradoxical results of dis-information and anti-univocity. There is too much around us, too many things. The word of arts seems not to be immune to this trend to the extreme. 

The project, A Day Without, dedicated to the absence of works held last July 1 2018, saw more than one hundred artists abstain from work, emphasising the need to create a moment of pause, of reflection. A break from the noise that surrounds us.

A day without was made possible by:

Paolo Aldi, Francesco Aprile, Angelika Arendt, Michele Attianese, Emanuele Benedetti, Paolo Berardinelli, József Bíró, Renata Boero, Elisa Bollazzi Microcollection, Alessandra Borsetti Venier, Keith Buchholz, Roosevelt Burrel, Rolland Caignard, Luis Camnitzer, Francesca Capasso, Kevin Caplicki, Gabriella Cardazzo, Alberto Casiraghy, Philippe Castellin, Guillaume Charpaud-Helie, Franco Cipriano, Pate Conaway, Luca Coser, Rita Degli Esposti, Bruno Di Lecce, Danilo Donzelli, Pablo Echaurren, Giuseppina Esposito, Emilio Fantin, Luc Fierens, Franco Fiorillo, Giovanni Fontana, Jon Foster, Nicola Frangione, Matteo Fraterno, Licia Galizia, Gianluca Garrapa, John Gian, Kirby Gookin, Coco Gordon, Meri Gorni, Abdelatif Habib, Fréderic Hénri, Satoshi Hirose, Rosaria Iazzetta, Francesco Impellizzeri, Dino Izzo, Robin Kahn, Adamandia Kapsalis, Laure Keyrouz, Adriana Kobor, Roman Korzhov, Nelya Korzhova, Alexandros Kyriakides, Little Shiva, Claudia Mangeli,Umberto Manzo, Diego Marques, Albert Mayr, Melissa McCarthy, David Medalla, Maria Mesch, Sabrina Mezzaqui, Pino Modica, Cristiana Moldi-Ravenna, Angelo Demitri Morandini, Angelo Mosca, Steffen Mueller, Lada Nakonechna, Adam Nankervis, Marcus Neufanger, Giancarlo Norese, Anna Nutini, Andrew Oleksiuk, Claudia Olendrowicz, Thomas Olze, Vito Pace, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, René Pascal, Pier Paolo Patti, Linda Pelati, Isabella Pers, Ivan Piano, Antonio Picardi, Stephen Piccolo, Benoit Piret, Hugo Pontes, Allan Revich, Angelo Ricciardi, Anton Roca, Mimmo Roselli, Roberto Rossini,Vincenzo Rusciano, Antonio Sassu Gruppo Sinestetico, Cathi Schwalbe, Jonathan Stangroom, Christoph Szalay, Wieslaw Szuminski, Nello Teodori, Thierry Tillier, Adriana Torregrossa, Cecil Touchon, Silvia Vendramel, Martial Verdier, Cesare Viel, Ciro Vitale, Elisa Vladilo. 

Angelo Ricciardi's research is based on the relationship between writing and figuration in contemporary society, with particular interest for exchange between verbal communication and visual communication. His projects have been held simultaneously in various cities of the world in collaboration with other artists.

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