samedi 4 mai 2019

lundi 1 avril 2019

((( KART 95 ,,,

Welcome to 95th issue of KART. The image on the cover celebrates the centenary of the birth of the modern dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham.

Welcome to 95th issue of KART. The image on the cover celebrates the centenary of the birth of the modern dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham.

Australia David Fielding • Lucy Godycki • Kneebone Press • Morgan Tasic
Belgium Thierry Tillier
Canada Kerosene
Germany Siggi Liersch • Peter Müller • Jürgen O. Olbrich • TICTAC
Italy Vittore Baroni • Roberto Scala • Giovanni Strada • Daniele Virgilio
Mexico Emilio Carrasco
Norway Torill Elisabeth Larsen
Spain Sabela Bana • Antonio Gomez • Joaquin Gómez
UK: Sue Vallance

lundi 18 février 2019

((( Ouste n°27 – Conspiration 2019 ,,,

Visuel de couverture : Anette Lenz
7 Christophe Manon
8 Guillaume Damry
9 David Christoffel et Maël Guesdon
10 Christian Burgaud
11 Mazin Mamoory
12 Luc Fierens
13 Philippe Labaune
14 Fernando Aguiar
15-18 Rorik Dupuis
19 Joël Bastard
20 Anna Serra
21-23 Julien Blaine
24-25 Damien Paisant
26 Anne-Gaëlle Burban
27-30 Patrick Chouissa
31 Lucien Suel
32-34 Patrick Sirot
35 Andrew Maximilian Niss
36-37 Grégoire Damon
38 Aurélien Leif
39-40 Jean-Jacques Nuel
41 Bartolomé Ferrando
42-43 Thézame Barrême
44 József Bíró
45 Emmanuèle Jawad
46-48 Guillaume Boppe
49 Joël Bastard
50-53 Michel Gendarme
54 Giovanni Fontana
55-57 Jean-Luc Lavrille
58 Christian Burgaud
59-61 Hervé Brunaux
62-63 Anne-Gaëlle Burban
64-65 Aurélien Leif
66 Laurent Choquel
67 Gabriel Mwènè Okoundji
68 Luc Fierens
69-71 Benjamin Vareille
72 Vincent Courtois
73 Zoé Graffiti
74-76 Fred Griot
77 Fernando Aguiar
78 Guillaume Decourt
79 Félix Jousserand
80 Adeline Yzac
81 Thierry Tillier
82 Jean-Pierre Bobillot
83 Giovanni Fontana
84-85 Lucien Suel
86-89 Cédric Lerible
90 József Bíró
91-93 André Paillaugue
94-96 Sébastien Lespinasse
97 Thierry Tillier
98-99 Agnès Aubague
100 Thierry Dessolas
101 Giovanni Fontana
102-103 Natyot
104 Pierre Tilman
105 Rémy Pénard
106 Patrick Dubost
107-109 Éric Pistouley
110-112 Frédérique Soumagne
113 Chiara Mulas
114-115 Hélène Grimaud
116 Marielle Genest
117 F.J. Ossang
118 Vincent Courtois
119-120 Julien Cavalier
121 Fred Charles
122-125 Sandrine Deumier
126 Olivier Orus
127 Luisa Castro
128 Chiara Mulas
129-131 Serge Pey
132-134 Annabelle Verhaeghe
135 Michel Della Vedova

samedi 9 février 2019

((( L'effet papillon ,,,

"L'effet papillon"  

17 mars - 28 avril 2019

Maureen Bachaus - Jörg Coblenz - Chloé Coomans - 
Pascal Courcelles – Jean Dalemans – Simon Dalemans - 
André Delalleau – Luc Fierens – Werther Gasperini - André Goldberg – Christian Grenier – Catho Hensmans - Djos Janssens – Sirkku Ketola -  Jacques Lennep – Fred Michiels – Christelle Mas - Jeton Muja - Emile Pierret - Benoit Piret - Dominique Sonnet -  Thierry Tillier - Jean Michel Uyttersprot

EXIT11 rue de Petit-Leez, 129  B-5031 Grand-Leez Belgium  +32(0)81640866

mercredi 30 janvier 2019

((( ,

"J'avais envie de rester seul, parce que ce n'est que seul, égaré, muet, à pied, que je parviens à reconnaître les choses." Pier Paolo Pasolini

lundi 28 janvier 2019

((( KART 93 ,,,

Welcome to 93rd issue of KART and the first issue for 2019 with Franz Kafka on the cover.

This issue of Kart is dedicated to the memory of Arno Arts

with :
Australia Vizma Bruns • Oscar Camorra • David Dellafiora • Lucy Godycki • Elvira Juraga • Karingallery Studios
Belgium Thierry Tillier
Germany Thorsten Fuhrmann • Siggi Liersch • Peter Müller • Jürgen O. Olbrich
Italy Vittore Baroni • Giovanni Strada • Daniele Virgilio
Netherlands Arno Arts • Magda Lagerwerf
Norway Torill Elisabeth Larsen
Spain Antonio Gomez
USA: Brad Brace

lundi 7 janvier 2019


__ BPS22 09.02.2019 - 19.05.2019 ,,,

Dans le Petit Musée, les enfants et les adultes peuvent découvrir des œuvres de la collection de la Province de Hainaut à travers une thématique particulière.

En partant cette fois de démarches artistiques autour de la nourriture, Qu'est-ce qu'on mange...!? propose de suivre le trajet de la fourche à l'assiette et questionne notre relation à l'alimentation en parlant d'économie, de traditions, de consommation, de rituels à travers les cultures et les époques.

ARTISTES : Victor BEURIOT, Anne BOURGUIGNON, Marcel BROODTHAERS, Marius CARION, Magali CHAPITRE, Fabrice CLIO, Patrick COPPENS, Raymond COSSÉ, Ronald DAGONNIER, Auguste DANSE, Michel DEHON, Jan DE LAURÉ Léon DEVOS, Jacques DORMONT, Philippe DRUMEL, Geneviève EECKAUT, Sylvie GINIS, René HUIN, Michel JAMSIN, Jacky LECOUTURIER, Emmanuelle LEPREUX, Marcel MARIËN, Thierry LENOIR, Eudore MISONNE, Jules MONTIGNY, Auguste MULLIEZ, Louis-François-Dominique ROBBE, Fernande ROUSSEAUX, André STAS, Raymond STERCK, Piet STOCKMANS, Thierry TILLIER, Marc VANDEMEULEBROEK, Alfred VAN DEN BRANDT, Véronique VERCHEVAL, Alice WARTEL & Alain WUILBAUT.

vendredi 21 décembre 2018


Gallerie delle Prigioni
Dec 13 2018 - Apr 7 2019, Treviso

The exhibition focuses on visual poetry and is linked to the Imago Mundi collection Visual Poetry in Europe, that consists of 210 artworks. This unique collection is the first to be structured not only along a geographical mapping of art but also thematically, focusing on the historical movement visual poetry: a hybrid of art and communication. As a revolutionary art form that began in the 1950s as part of the European Neo-avant-garde movement, visual poetry overcame its oral dimension to acquire also a visual aspect. A word is transformed into an art object, and consequently, poetry is to be both read and viewed. By appropriating the expressive means of advertising and communication, the work of visual poets is critical to mass culture in how it showcases major social and political issues.

vendredi 14 décembre 2018

((( brain cell - 1030 ,,,

((( brain cell  - 1030 ,,, december 2018 ,,,

((( The LAST International Art Post Vol. 27 , December 2014 ,,,

mardi 11 décembre 2018

((( Franticham's Assembling Box Nr. 41 ,,,

Contributions from:

Hartmut Abendschein, Switzerland Christian Alle, France Tiziana Baracchi, Italy Calogero Enzo Barba, Italy 
Pier Roberto Bassi, Italy Anna Boschi, Italy Sarah Bracken, Ireland Bruno Chiarlone, Italy
David Dellafiora, Australia Henry Denander, Sweden Klaus Peter Dencker, Germany Antonio Gomez, Spain 
Klaus Groh, Germany Scott Helmes, USA Jennie Hinchcliff, USA Miguel Jimenez, Spain 
Emilio Morandi, Italy Leo Morrissey, USA Andrew Maximilian Niss, Germany Juergen Olbrich, Germany
Alfonso Aguado Ortuno, Spain Sinclair Scripa, USA Litsa Spathi, Netherlands 
Patrzia Tictac, Germany Thierry Tillier, Belgium 

mercredi 26 septembre 2018

((( Un giorno senza – A day without ,,,

A Day Without

Saturday 29 September 2018
a project by Angelo Ricciardi

Angelo Ricciardi presents the project A Day Without Saturday, September 29 at the Studio Tommaseo in Trieste, 6.30.
With the introduction of social networks, the amount of information saw an exponential increase, and being true or false, they give paradoxical results of dis-information and anti-univocity. There is too much around us, too many things. The word of arts seems not to be immune to this trend to the extreme. 

The project, A Day Without, dedicated to the absence of works held last July 1 2018, saw more than one hundred artists abstain from work, emphasising the need to create a moment of pause, of reflection. A break from the noise that surrounds us.

A day without was made possible by:

Paolo Aldi, Francesco Aprile, Angelika Arendt, Michele Attianese, Emanuele Benedetti, Paolo Berardinelli, József Bíró, Renata Boero, Elisa Bollazzi Microcollection, Alessandra Borsetti Venier, Keith Buchholz, Roosevelt Burrel, Rolland Caignard, Luis Camnitzer, Francesca Capasso, Kevin Caplicki, Gabriella Cardazzo, Alberto Casiraghy, Philippe Castellin, Guillaume Charpaud-Helie, Franco Cipriano, Pate Conaway, Luca Coser, Rita Degli Esposti, Bruno Di Lecce, Danilo Donzelli, Pablo Echaurren, Giuseppina Esposito, Emilio Fantin, Luc Fierens, Franco Fiorillo, Giovanni Fontana, Jon Foster, Nicola Frangione, Matteo Fraterno, Licia Galizia, Gianluca Garrapa, John Gian, Kirby Gookin, Coco Gordon, Meri Gorni, Abdelatif Habib, Fréderic Hénri, Satoshi Hirose, Rosaria Iazzetta, Francesco Impellizzeri, Dino Izzo, Robin Kahn, Adamandia Kapsalis, Laure Keyrouz, Adriana Kobor, Roman Korzhov, Nelya Korzhova, Alexandros Kyriakides, Little Shiva, Claudia Mangeli,Umberto Manzo, Diego Marques, Albert Mayr, Melissa McCarthy, David Medalla, Maria Mesch, Sabrina Mezzaqui, Pino Modica, Cristiana Moldi-Ravenna, Angelo Demitri Morandini, Angelo Mosca, Steffen Mueller, Lada Nakonechna, Adam Nankervis, Marcus Neufanger, Giancarlo Norese, Anna Nutini, Andrew Oleksiuk, Claudia Olendrowicz, Thomas Olze, Vito Pace, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, René Pascal, Pier Paolo Patti, Linda Pelati, Isabella Pers, Ivan Piano, Antonio Picardi, Stephen Piccolo, Benoit Piret, Hugo Pontes, Allan Revich, Angelo Ricciardi, Anton Roca, Mimmo Roselli, Roberto Rossini,Vincenzo Rusciano, Antonio Sassu Gruppo Sinestetico, Cathi Schwalbe, Jonathan Stangroom, Christoph Szalay, Wieslaw Szuminski, Nello Teodori, Thierry Tillier, Adriana Torregrossa, Cecil Touchon, Silvia Vendramel, Martial Verdier, Cesare Viel, Ciro Vitale, Elisa Vladilo. 

Angelo Ricciardi's research is based on the relationship between writing and figuration in contemporary society, with particular interest for exchange between verbal communication and visual communication. His projects have been held simultaneously in various cities of the world in collaboration with other artists.

jeudi 6 septembre 2018

((( __Art Theorema#1 ,,,

Art Theorema #1 is a playful metaphor for a manifesto to diversity: 231 artworks by 203 artists coming from 104 countries. From Eastern to Western Europe, from African countries to Australia, from Canada to the USA, from Latin America to the Caribbean, from Central Asia to the Middle and Far East, the collection moves along a kind of "walk of fame", a silk road featuring some of the most internationally acclaimed artists, alongside emerging artists equally innovative.

foto : Claudio Scorretti. Trieste, Italy.

jeudi 30 août 2018

((( MÊME PAS PEUR... !?

MÉDIATION 22.09.2018 - 06.01.2019

Avec cette seconde exposition du Petit Musée, le BPS22 continue de porter une attention particulière aux enfants, en leur permettant, ainsi qu'aux adultes qui les accompagnent, de découvrir autrement des oeuvres d'art de la collection de la Province de Hainaut.

Même pas peur... !? ouvre une réflexion sur les frayeurs, les angoisses et craintes qui nous habitent. Quelles sont-elles ? D'où viennent-elles ? À la frontière fragile qui les sépare, comment distinguer les peurs archaïques des peurs d'aujourd'hui, les peurs imaginaires des peurs réelles, les peurs individuelles des peurs collectives ?

Pierre ALECHINSKY, Frédéric BLIN, Pauline CORNU, Claude GALLAND, Jane GRAVEROL, Jean RANSY, Félicien ROPS, Thierry TILLIER... 

image : Jane GRAVEROL , l'éternel retour , 1955. don de Sarah WHITFIELD à la province de Hainaut.

dimanche 12 août 2018

((( KART 89 ,,,

KART is published as a collaboration between GenU- Karingal St Laurence and Field Study International. 

Works by
Australia Lucy Godycki • Robyn Krummins • Teresa Lawrence • Jack Oudyn • Susan Simpson • Zoe Snyder • Fiona Watkins 
Belgium Thierry Tillier 
Canada Kerosene 
France Eric Bensidon 
Germany Peter Müller • Jürgen O. Olbrich • TICTAC 
Italy Vittore Baroni • Giovanni Strada • Daniele Virgilio 
Spain  Antonio Gomez  • Alfonso Aguado Ortuño 
UK: Sue Vallance 
USA  John M. Bennett