jeudi 28 juin 2007

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ParaStamp Four Decades of Artistamps from Fluxus to the Internet

MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS - BUDAPEST 23 March - 24 June 2007



23 March - 24 June - Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
As a program of the
Budapesti Spring Fesztivál and Artpool Art Research Center
PARASTAMPFour Decades of Artistamps from Fluxus to the Internet
artistamp collection of Artpool , which has grown into a worldwide one, celebrates its jubilee this year at the venue where the memorable Stamp Images exhibition was staged in 1987, in the Graphic Cabinet of the Museum of Fine Arts.
The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate through the informative products created by artists the paradigm change in art. The exhibition displays an expedient representative sample taken from a collection of nearly ten thousand sheets of stamps, comprising works by 250 artists from 25 countries, and created over the last 40 years.
"From the point of view of the artistamp, the two concepts in the exhibition's title - Fluxus and the Internet - are abstract notions pertaining to the history of art and technology. That's why I came to the decision that I would create a sphere of concepts which is also abstract but which in itself includes the two other concepts and is able to fill in the entire space between the two endpoints defined by these two concepts. These are: humourism - erotism - time - place - artist - material - structure - function - form - science - art - politics - global - local - glocal - telematic. At first glance these concepts have nothing to do with the artistamp, and even if they had any connection, it would be a vague one. The new function artistamp has
in this exhibition is to convey the explosively changing worldview at the turn of the millennium with the help of perspectives offered by these interrelated but at the same time distinct concepts."(Kata Bodor: Interview with György Galántai, the curator of the Parastamp exhibition)


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