lundi 16 avril 2007

((( art bussels 2007



As the capital of Europe, Brussels has rapidly become
one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural places on the continent.
The diversity and character of the different communities provides an endless source of inspiration for the many international artists who come to live in Brussels. The city is fast becoming an exciting creative laboratory, with a tempting dynamic fusion of artistic talents and ideas.

Belgium is a country that can be proud of the number of its art collectors,
whose artistic vision is unrivalled abroad. Moreover, many Belgian companies have made their passion for contemporary art one of the pillars of their corporate culture. In Belgium contemporary art is mostly a matter of private initiative.

It is precisely this rich combination of private initiative and professionalism that sees galleries, collectors and public institutions working together to give artbrussels its unique character.

artbrussels is an event that, year after year, manages to hold the attention of the entire art world. A place where foreign galleries and artists find an ideal platform to present themselves to Belgian collectors, and where young Belgian talent can introduce itself to the international market.


Galerie Jacques Cerami Stand 12a-04

route de Philippeville 346
BE 6010 Charleroi
+32 71 36 00 65
+32 477 78 44 34

Exhibiting Artists
Vincen Beeckman - Nina Berman - Gérald Dederen - Philippe Herbet - Michaël Matthys - Cécile Michel - Johan Muyle - Thierry Tillier - Pol Pierart

Gallery Artists
Vincen Beeckman - Nina Berman - Gérald Dederen - Philippe Herbet - Myriam Hornard - Jean-Marie Mahieu - Michaël Matthys - Johan Muyle - Pol Pierart - Jean-Pierre Scouflaire - Thierry Tillier - Stephan Vee

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god bless belgium and brussels and the aging punk TT.