dimanche 12 juillet 2020

((( ALIENIST Magazine #8 (May/June 2020) : COVIDOLOGY ,,,

ALIENIST Magazine #8 (May/June 2020) : COVIDOLOGY

Lo and behold: the covidologist issue of Alienist no. 8 just out! "In any social system, it is the asymptomatic
who are the principle transmitters of the
ideological virus. Whenever infection manifests
itself around them they ask, What is to be done?"

Contributors include: Peter Bouscheljong, Hilbert David, Germán Sierra, Richard Makin, Maria Samira Mekibes, Vit Facultative, Dustin Breitling, D. Harlan Wilson, Michael Rowland, Michel Delville, Elisabeth Waltregny, Inigo Wilkins, Bogna Konior, Elaine Whittaker, Atefeh Ahmadi, Rachel Haywire, Nina Zivancevic, Kenji Siratori, Tim König, Petr Vaškovec, Mike Corrao, Johannes Birringer, Valentina Sandxval, Raoul Vaneigem, Stewart Home, Thierry Tillier, Andrew Wenaus, Steven Cline, Robert Carrithers, Bob Modem, Petra Rösslerová, Neil Hatherley, Philippe Sollers, Louis Armand, and others!

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